Thursday, 20 December 2012

Busier than a Blue-arsed Fly

Good Grief!

I think I have had just about the busiest December on record (for me anyway) - so I haven't had time to update my blog until now.  What with School concerts, excursions, Birthday parties, Christmas parties, dentist appointments and trips to the emergency department (mid birthday party) - I have been busier than a Blue-arsed Fly - and they are apparently really busy! 

On Dec 5 I went for my second braces adjustment, and I had a pretty great day!  My Orthodontist group travel down to another town once a month - and it just happens to be half way between their usual office, and my home town - YAY! 

I'm pleased to say that I did get just as excited about this adjustment as my last, and it has not become a mundane task yet.  Even though there has not been as much noticeable movement, there has been some - which is comforting. 

My bottom canines had both overlapped the teeth beside them, and while I had been keeping an eye on their movement, and could see subtle changes, about two weeks before my appointment I was having dinner at my Mum's and had felt something differernt during dinner.  When I got home, I checked out these teeth in the mirror, and to my great excitement I found that one of those canines was now sitting nicely BESIDE it's neighbour!  I actually did a little jig in the bathroom, and jumped up and down like a crazy person......but it felt SO GOOD to see it sitting where it should be.  One down, one to go. 

Canine on my right (your left) is now behaving nicely
The offending canines before treatment



I was in and out in about 10 minutes, so I am really glad that I didn't have to drive a round trip of 4 hours just for that!  I didn't get to have my expansion support taken out, but I hardly notice it, so really it is no biggy. Next adjustment, though - definately.  Dr O says that my teeth are moving as they should be, and are looking good; and he also said that he thinks about April/May next year they will need to take a whole new set of records (impressions, photos, and measurements) so that he, and my surgeon Dr D can review and discuss whether I will need just lower jaw surgery, or upper and lower. 

Say what?  Do you mean to say that there is a possibility that I may be ready for surgery then???? Yes. Possibility.  :)

I was SO EXCITED!!  I know that April/May are (well they were then anyway) only like 5 months away - but that eqates to (possibly) only two more adjustment appointments!!!!  PROGRESS!!! I love progress. 

So they whipped off the lovely Pink bands, and since it is December, and the time to be Merry and celebratte all things festive, I decided on Christmas colours (and specifically chose a Green that doesn't look too much like Spinach). 

I brought my Mum along for the day, and after my very speedy appointment, we hit the shops and then went out for lunch.  I was a bit worried that my teeth would be really sore (like last time), but they were only a little tender, and were back to normal the next day.  Woohoo!

About a week after my first adjustment my braces cut up the insides of my cheeks, and I was using the wax for a week or so.  Since then I have had the odd day here or there where my cheeks are tender, but generally, the braces are back to being nice to me, and I haven't had any issues since my last adjustment - yay. 

My next adjustment is scheduled for the end of January; and then the one after that is in early April.  My youngest daughter is set to accompany me to that one, for an assessment of her own.  Poor little thing (only 8) and referred to the Orthodontist for a similar problem to least we will  have the same Dr, and hopefully her treatment will not need to be as drastic as mine.....hopefully......

Wishing everyone out there in blogging world a very Merry Christmas & an Awesome New Year!!