Sunday, 12 May 2013

I love SEEING progress :)

Hello again my blogging friends!!

I recently went for another braces adjustment with my Orthodontist, and everything went pretty well. 

There was a good amount of excess wire behind my back molars, so we’ve had a lot of movement since my last adjustment.   The extraction gap on my right side was basically closed, with the gap on my left only a mm or so left to go – not long after the adjustment that final gap closed also – yay!  Dr O said that closing the gaps is normally a fairly long process (and we expected that this may not happen until June) – so double yay!!

The black triangle between my two front teeth is virtually non-existent; however I have one of these between one of my front teeth and the one beside it – which we are working on now.  Same procedure as last time, file a little of the roundness off the side, and put a kink in the wire to tip the root. 

There has been a pesky tooth (front bottom) which hasn’t wanted to play this straightening game all along, so Dr O removed the bracket, and put a new one on in a slightly different spot, and then wired that to my wire – that hurt (not excruciating, but pretty ouchy) – enough for me to feel like he was actually rotating my tooth with the pliers as he tightened the wire.   But – I had to be brave – my little girl was watching on…. J

We took new x-rays today, and O.M.G – the difference is AMAZING!  My teeth have moved SO MUCH, and in ways I could not have imagined when I saw my original x-ray.  I just about cried when I saw these side by side.... 
Original: Dec 11 vs New: Apr 13
Perhaps they have moved a little too much –in that I now have to wear rubber bands in order to pull my bottom teeth back; and push my top teeth forward (at least that is how I understand it) to create a bigger – erm overbite gap. I can take my bands out to eat and brush –but they don’t really worry me – so that’s good. 

I expected that any width movement (re-lapse perhaps?) following the removal of my expander would happen fairly quickly, and so I queried how we fix the difference between the width of my top teeth arch and bottom teeth arch (with my top arch being wider).  Dr O explained that we should expect to see more re-lapse over the coming months, so the fact that I was slightly over expanded is not likely to be an issue. 

Dr O thinks that surgery is likely to be about six months away – which suits me, although obviously I want to be able to lock in a date – so I know where I am.  Maybe we’ll have a better idea at the next appointment in June.    

Best news of the day is that my little girl does not have as issues as severe as mine, and although likely to need perhaps a couple of extractions, and braces – she shouldn’t need anything as invasive as surgery.  YAY! 

Til next time friends, hope that your mouths and dental professionals are being nice to youJ
Ellie xx