Wednesday, 26 June 2013

An update - sans update?

Hello again fellow jaw blog buddies :)

I recently saw some pics of me clowning around down at the beach (to test out Mum's new camera) and rather than feeling revolted and depressed about what I saw (which I would normally be, and make her delete them immediately), I was actually quite, um, I don't know - maybe critical, but with a bit of peace of mind as I know its all about to change.  Does that make sense? 

I really noticed how I obviously 'hold' my jaw, and purse my lips to hold them closed - which I didn't realise I did before now.  I think that this 'look' is potentially much worse than the slack-jawed look I have if I relax, and stopped trying so hard to look 'normal'.  Note to self - stop being so bloody critical,  take a deep breath, relax & have FUN! 
Earlier this week (yes, this week - how efficient am I this time??) I had another adjustment appointment with the very knowledgable and informative Dr O.  I was pretty excited about this, hoping that I would get some more of an idea about a possible surgery date. And I did, but I didn't.....

So my expansion has partially re-lapsed (not sure that is technically correct but close enough for me) and this is a good thing, as I was over expanded and the re-lapse was expected and necessary; and my gaps are all closed nicely.  The rubber bands I have been wearing 24/7 for the last three months have done a great job, and for now - I only have to wear them at night (I just have to remember to put them in.....thank you iPhone reminders). 

I went up a wire size both top and bottom, although the top is a bigger size than the bottom - and these are likely to be the ones I will go to surgery with, whenever that may be. 

I had been wondering for a while, but had forgotten to ask the difference between an overbite and an overjet.  Dr O explained that I have both.  The overjet is the horizontal difference between the position of my top teeth and my bottom teeth - this will be fixed by bringing the lower jaw forward, and thus bringing my bottom teeth out to meet my top ones.   

Overjet (horizontal difference)
The overbite is the vertical difference between the position of my top teeth and my bottom teeth - this will be fixed by cutting a chunk (although I am sure it will be much more precise than that - lol) out of my top jaw. So while now when I bite down my front teeth obscure the view of my bottom teeth almost completely, once surgery is done and dusted, we should be able to see a good portion of my bottom teeth.
Overbite (vertical difference)

Keeping with my colourful theme, I asked my eldest daughter for her colour pick for my bands this time.  She chose sparkly purple, but as they don't come as a power-chain, we had to go with dark purple.  Good choice, I love it!!

We had to take wax bite moulds (no dramas) & impressions this appointment also, and while the impressions are never a pleasant experience, it wasn't too bad.  The lovely dental assistant (bugger - forgot her name - but she is SO lovely) apologised for hurting me all the way through, but since she did such a great job of it the first time, we didn't have any repeats - YAAAY.  How else to explain it other than it feels like they are trying to pull all your teeth out at the same time. 

So the plan from here, is that Dr O will talk to my surgeon Dr D in the next couple of weeks, and show him my impressions and wax bite moulds - and they will decide then if I am ready or not.......and I have to wait......... for a call........I hate waiting :)   But I keep thinking - I have now completed 11 months in braces, so I am much farther along than I was and am hopefully at the halfway point (or less). 

Oh, and when Dr O told me that Dr D is THE BEST surgeon he has worked with (and he has worked with several in Capital cities and larger centres) it puts me at ease.  I am in safe and expert hands - both with my Orthodontics and Surgery. 

Luckily I have lots to keep me busy while I wait - birthdays galore; a work conference and a snow holiday to pack for :))))))))  Nothing like time flying when you're having fun!!

My next appointment is scheduled for the end of August, and could very well be the one where my surgical hooks go on (good grief).