Monday, 17 February 2014

I've got ANOTHER date!!

Hey there,

If I don't do this RIGHT NOW - it's not going to happen, so here goes. 

I went for another check up with Dr O (my Orthodontist) last week, and he was very happy with how my teeth/bite/everything is progressing. 

I was hoping to come out of that appointment with a BRACES OFF date - and I did - YAY so exciting.  It's a little further away than I had hoped (not by much) but I still have a date :)

I had been scrutinising my teeth and bite everyday since my last appointment - looking for anything that may give me an indication of any more fixing still to be done, and the only thing I could notice was a slight gap on my right between my top and bottom teeth when I bit down.  And I do mean slight.  You'll see it below on the left side.

Dr O cemented a band holder (looks kinda like a door knob) on the inside of my lower right canine - which is for the sole purpose of helping that tooth tilt out slightly by fixing a band to this and then the outside of the corresponding top tooth.  It feels a little weird, and my top and bottom teeth in that area hurt for a few days - but all is good now. 


I am to wear this band 24/7 until my next appointment (my last check-up :)); and also an angled band on the other side (at night only) to help my midlines stay put. 


I've included a couple of recent pics of me (heading out to dinner on Valentine's Day with my Fiance - except we forgot to get someone to take a pic of us together - doh).  No more swelling, no more bruising, the teeniest, tiniest little spot of tingly (not numbness) remains on my lower left chin, but we all expect that to dissapear all together before too long.   

So at the end of March, I'll go in for my last check-up, and at that time Dr O will decide which type of retainers I am to have (in addition to my permanent fixed ones).  I'm really hoping for the invisalign-look ones, but Dr O has said that its more likely that I'll be given the wire/plate type one at least for my top teeth - because of my S.A.M.E. 
What I prefer, and what I'm prepared to deal with could be two entirely different matters, and at the end of the day, after all of this time, and effort, and discomfort and and and and and - I'm not going to intentionally do anything that may undo any of it.  So, if Dr O says its the Hawley retainers for me, then so be it!! 
We've booked another appointment for sixish weeks after that for my de-bracing.......12 May WOOHOO!  It's marked & circled on my calendar - I can't wait!! 
Until next time friends.....
Ellie xx