Thursday, 19 September 2013

9 Days Post Surgery - :))))

Can't believe I'm at nine days post surgery already!! 

I noticed that I had a real change in the way I was feeling from day five.  This was two days after I returned home and resumed using my Isagenix products.  I really think that having this wonderful nutrition prior to, and following my surgery had a lot to do with my quick recovery.  

I was allowed to remove my chin strap this morning & that felt SO GOOD!  It was getting unbelievably annoying & itchy.  

I'm feeling pretty good overall; but my nice purple and green bruising makes it look a hell of a lot worse than what it actually is. 

It's funny - Corrine and I had very similar procedures done, yet she didn't bruise at all.  I on the other hand look like my surgeon used to be a butcher; and nothing could be further from the truth.  

I had my first post surgery check up with Dr D today, & he really is the best - my favourite Doctor in fact.  He apologized for all the bruising (although it has more to do with my genes than his technique), and I apologized for scaring all the patients in his waiting room - lol.  

He is super happy with my progress, my wounds are healing nicely, my bite is excellent (no bands for me - woohoo), and I can progress onto soft foods straight away.  I can open about a finger width which is also good.  

I have a small patch of numbness that extends from the left side of my bottom lip (to about halfway across) and right down that side of my chin.  Good news is though that for the last few days I've been getting some rather weird feelings in that area which are similar to tummy butterflies.  Dr D says that is my nerves waking up - yay. 

Im not able to feel most of my top teeth or the front part of my pallet, but I remember that from my S.A.M.E and full feeling eventually came back, so I'm not worried.

I had so much fun baking the other day that I made some yummy Queen Cakes and Afghan Biscuits (my favourite) for Dr D and his surgical team, and another lot for all the nurses who took care of me.  AND since I'm allowed to eat softish things, I'm going to try one myself when I get home this arv. 

I mentioned in my last post that Dr D had taken some before and after pictures of me on the operating table.  Today he gave me copies.  :D THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I haven't stopped looking at them ALL DAY.  


Such a huge, huge difference from those teeny tiny millimeters!  

He also showed me the X-rays of all my new hardware.  

I've now taken out the pillows from under my mattress, and I'll try sleeping flat from tonight.  

From Wednesday night (one week) I have not needed to take pain killers through the night; and since yesterday I only had light painkillers (Panadol) when I got up; and when I went to bed.  Today I've only had one dose.  

Especially for Natasha - the things I found most useful with regard to the liquid diet was having a good quality blending device (I had a Thermomix) ours was used constantly for a week; and using a squirty sauce bottle to feed myself (although you need to make sure your food is very well blended or you'll have to keep unblocking the spout).  Try and keep your food tasting interesting as the texture gets boring quickly - some of my faves were: few tbsp of plain yoghurt with a dash of strawberry jam; whole fruits blended with ice into a slushy; and various vegetable soups. 

I have another week off work (yay) and it just happens to be school holidays, so I plan to enjoy this time off with my Fiancé and kids.  

I've got another appointment with Dr D next week; and I'll also see one of my Orthodontists then too.  

Next week also happens to include my very first birthday with my new face - EXCITING!!

Until next time my blogging friends. 

Ellie xxx


  1. Hi Ellie, those before and after shots are wonderful - your new profile is gorgeous :)
    Oh boy, I'm a little jealous that you can chew on soft foods - enjoy!
    C x

  2. Hi Corinne - I'm not sure it's actually going to be 'chewing' as such, but at least it's not just drinking. Perhaps more like gently squishing softish not quite mush between tongue and pallet :). It'll do me!

  3. Looking good Ellie! I'm jealous you'll have no bands- those were a nightmare! It's soo satisfying when you can manage to actually 'eat' and not just slurp. I was 8 days post op and my families food smelt amazing compared to my shake, so I ordered some korma sauce and aloo bora (fried potato- soft)from the indian and had myself a great feast of flavours :)

    Good luck with your recovery, you're doing great! Xx

  4. Hi! Those pictures of your profile are really cool! It's amazing how much a few mm can affect one's appearance, huh? Your new profile looks great. :) Oh, and I've never heard of anyone who has been allowed to start soft food this early in the course of recovery. You must be healing really quickly!

    Happy healing! Hope the bruising goes away soon.


  5. You go girl. Looking great despite the bruising and you seem to be in good spirits. Maybe I should fly out your way and use your doc ;) happy healing!

  6. What a transformation!!! that is amazing!!!!
    You have a profile anyone would envy!
    Hope your recovery goes smooth and that you're back to normals asap.
    You look amazing :D