Monday, 9 September 2013


I went to see Dr D for my pre-surgery appointment yesterday.  Let me just say - I love that man!!  I am absolutely fascinated how he does what he does, and totally in awe of that.  He's also just a bloke, someone you can have a chat with, and is pretty funny.  I am totally comfortable leaving myself in his hands for this surgery. 

Over a weekend, he spent about 8 hours (EIGHT - ON THE WEEKEND) working on my moulds and basically performing the surgery on those.  He let me know the measurements that we are looking at for the surgery (which is a little more involved than I thought). 

Here's what will go down tomorrow (eek tomorrow):

Upper jaw will happen first, and as I have a cant (my teeth protrude longer on one side than the other) he needs to take out 2.5mm on one side; 4mm on the other side; and 3mm at the front.  He'll also do a little twist 3mm to the left to correct my midline.  The process of lifting up my top jaw is likely to affect my nose - it could get wider at the nostrils, and the tip could lift up slightly (that's my understanding of it anyway).  So he'll use an alar stitch to keep it from moving too much.

Lower jaw is next, and I can't remember why (maybe something to do with my cant or my off midline) but the right side needs to come forward 8mm; and the left 6mm. 

Genioplasty is a possibility, and a choice that will be made by the surgical team - they're the experts.  Dr D estimates that if that is required that my chin will come forward 4mm; and again with a little twist to make it in line with the rest of my face. 

So I'm not allowed to blow my nose for two weeks following the surgery; I'm to use ice packs as often as I can for a week following surgery (and heat packs if my muscles are tensing up).  I only need to sleep elevated for the first night, and then I can please myself - whatever is comfortable.

Dr D describes the recovery as 'Awkward'.  I understand that, as it pretty accurately describes the feeling after my expansion surgery.  I'm anticipating something similar, but 'bigger' since this surgery involves both jaws (& maybe chin). 

I'm going to end up with an imperfect bite following surgery, as most of my molars won't touch.  This is unavoidable, as orthodontics can only do so much prior to surgery; it will be corrected with more orthodontics (bands), but Dr D says those gaps should close pretty quickly (YAY). 

He also said that I'm going to look very different, it's a big change to my face.  While I'll still look like me, I'll look different enough that others may think there is something different, while not being able to pinpoint exactly what it is.  That could be fun, although I know it is likely to be weird and perhaps unnerving to an extent looking at myself in the mirror, and seeing someone different looking back.  I'm not sure how that will affect my kids, but we'll work through it. 

I can't believe how fast, but how agonisingly slow these last few weeks have gone.  I'm guessing that the next week will be the same (I hope anyway). 

Until next time my friends, wish me luck!! 

Ellie xx


  1. Oh wow, he sounds awesome Ellie! Lots and lots of good thoughts coming your way. I've got everything crossed for you :) see you on the other side! xx

  2. ELLIE!! I am SOOOOO excited for you!! Your day has finally come and you are going to look so fantastic when this is al done (even though you look lovely already) GOOD LUCK tomorrow and I cant wait to hear when you have come out of surgery :)

  3. Good luck tomorrow! I wish you a speedy and smooth recovery! : )

  4. Best wishes Ellie! You will do great.....stay positive! Thinking of you. Erin

  5. Aaaaaaaaah! :-) Good Luck lovely!!!! Hope all goes well for you xxx

  6. Exciting!!!! Good Luck Ellie! Can't wait to hear from you after your surgery :)

  7. Be strong - I'll be thinking of you!